Coupon for Tires

This is one of the best ways to save money when purchasing tires.   The other options would be to look for a mail in rebate, use a credit cards rewards program, find a local sale or do some comparison shopping online.

Most tire companies won’t issue their own coupons.  To get a coupon for tires, you can use the companies below that will sell you tires and install them as well.  These locations are referred to as “tire resellers” or “tire retailers”.

STS Tire Coupons

STS has been around since 1958 selling and servicing tires.  The have most of the major brands including, but not limited to Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Firestone and Goodyear. They almost always have some kind of tire deals, especially for seasonal tires.

Firestone Tire Coupons

You can use Firestone to get amazing deals on tires.  They manufacture, sell and install their tires.  You can buy tires from most resellers, but they have their own shops called Firestone Complete Auto Care that you can buy tires from and have them installed.  They also perform a lot of other services like oil changes, minor repairs and most other preventative maintenance.

Goodyear Tire Coupons

Goodyear, like Firestone, has their own channels through which they manufactuer, sell and install their brand of tires.  There is a network of Goodyear affiliated shops that you can get a coupon for tires from or you can also find a Goodyear Auto Service center that is owned by the Goodyear company and issues plenty of coupons and honors all Goodyear tire rebates.

Pep Boy Coupon for Tires

Pep Boys has the advantage over most other auto parts stores in 2 different ways.  One, they have huge stores.  Huge stores means giant warehouse capabilities.  Pep Boys stores can keep a variety of products on hand to keep prices down and also the wait times.  They also have mechanics on site to perform auto repairs, oil changes and install the tires that you purchase from them.