Discount Auto Tires

There is no shortage of discounts available for sets of tires for cars.  What confuses me is how people ever pay full retail prices when there are so many different tire coupons, rebates and discount sales going on in stores and on the internet.

When you need new tires, it is important to shop around for the best tire deals.  Normal prices will cost you around $300 for a full set of decent tires, but you should get good tires for even cheaper than that.

The three biggest ways to get discount auto tires are through mail in rebates, coupons and online shopping.


There are coupons for tires on lots of websites and in newspapers.  You can get some good deals and the savings will be instantaneous, unlike with mail in rebates.  These coupons are usually available for stores that sell and install tires rather than from the manufacturers themselves.  Goodyear and Firestone both manufacture and install tires, so you can sometimes get tire coupons from them.

Mail-In Rebates

This is an old form of savings on tires.  First you buy your set of tires, then you mail in a copy of your proof of purchase (receipt) along with the rebate form.  When the tire company receives this from you, they will process it and cut you a check or sometimes send you a prepaid Visa gift card instead.

The savings for rebates are usually greater than coupons, but you’ll have to wait some time for it.  If you want to get the cheapest tires possible, you can sometimes combine a store’s coupons with a specific mail in tire rebate.

Online Shopping

You can buy tires online easily today.  There are lots of companies like TireBuyer that you can use to buy tires online with discounts and then get free shipping to your home or even to the place that you want your tires installed.  You can also use the web to compare prices of tires among different sites and find other deals.  Don’t make your final decision until you’ve checked out at least 5 different websites to find the best deal you can get to.