Discount Rims and Tires

Sometimes it is cheap to buy the full package of rims and tires rather than just one at a time, separately.  Not every tire dealer sells rims and not ever rim store has tires for sale though.

Also, it is difficult to find the discounts on the rims and tires.  Rims are an extremely expensive part.  There are a few discounts available, but we have a few other ways to find discount tires and rims.

Used Rims for Sale

Sometimes the cheapest option is to find used products.  Used rims are available online and off.  They are definitely easier to find on the internet.  You can check out Craigslist, eBay and online rim stores.  This is probably the easiest way to find the cheapest rims while also searching around for quality rims that you want on your car.

Used Tires for Sale

The used tires are usually a lot easier to find than used rims.  You can go on Yelp to find the best deals in your area and to figure out what mechanics have the best reviews.  You can sometimes find tires for about $25 each which is savings of about $80 per tire.

Tires and Rims

If you want to buy both in a package and get a discount without seeking out used rims and tires, there are some stores with good prices.  Firestone, Walmart and Sears have sales and coupons running.  Pep Boys discount rims and tires are usually the best option.  They have so many tires and rims in stock and always have some kinds of discounts running in their store.

Some websites like Tire Buyer will also have occasional discounts on their rims.  This last May they had a full 10% off all rims on the site with a promo code.