Firestone Oil Change

There are definitely plenty of great Firestone Tire deals, but if you need other services like oil changes or brakes, you will find plenty of discounts and coupons for those as well.  All Firestone Complete Auto Care locations offer regular car maintenance as well as small auto repairs.

This is one of those companies that I have found don’t cheat their customers that need car services.  You might find that a lot of local mechanics or even places like Jiffy Lube or Meineke will try to rip you off on services like an oil change.  Since Firestone is such a large company and their shops are corporate owned, they have a lot more to lose by upsetting customers.

Kendall Oil Change

An oil change from Firestone usually uses the same motor oil.  One of the best oils for an oil change comes from Kendall.  Kendall has a great track record with their customers over the years.  Their oil has a special blend that contains something that they call “Liquid Titanium”.  What is Liquid Titanium?  Rather than make you read more, here is a quick video from their company that breaks down what this blend is and why you should be using it in your vehicles.

Firestone Oil Change

So now we know what brand of oil Firestone uses.  You might also be wondering what else comes with the price of a Firestone oil change.

Some mechanics or local lube shops will change just your oil and maybe throw in a filter.  Better companies like Firestone have added services that come free of charge.  Firestone includes the following with every oil change:

  • Installation of up to 5 quarts of Kendall® motor oil
  • Installation of new filter
  • lubricating chassis (if necessary)
  • 3-month/3,000-mile warranty

They also have a full 19 point inspection which includes inspection of:

  • wiper blades
  • head, tail and mini lights
  • air filter
  • fluid levels
  • belts and hoses
  • battery
  • tires

You have the option between three grades of oil:

  • Synthetic Blend – made with a proprietery a mixture of conventional motor oil and synthetic
  • High Mileage Synthetic Blend – similar formula as the synthetic blend, but specially formulated for vehicles with over 100,000 miles on them.  These are more delicate on your older engines
  • Full Synthetic – synthetic motor oil last longer, puts up with tougher temperatures and will keep your car running better for a longer period of time

*All Kendall motor oils contain Liquid Titanium

Firestone Oil Change Coupons

Every month there is a new group of Firestone coupons arriving.  You may have seen our Firestone tire coupons elsewhere on our site.  The oil change coupons change a little more often than the tire discounts.

Firestone oil change couponSynthetic Blend Oil Change Coupon

This is one of the most common coupons to show up.

With this, you will get one of the standard oil changes for just $21.99.  This includes all of the services mentioned earlier in this post with the Kendall Synthetic Blend motor oil.

A synthetic blend oil change is usually closer to $40 when you go elsewhere.  Even with a coupon, you’ll find the price is usually closer to $30 at most other locations, so this is a steal here.

synthetic-oil-change-rebateHigh Mileage or Synthetic Oil Change

Synthetic oil changes are the most expensive oil changes that you can get.  If you really want to take care of your car, you might want to consider splurging for this.  If you can’t splurge that much, use the coupon!

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Firestone Oil Change Coupons