Online Tires Coupon Code

Online Tires is one of those websites dedicated to selling both tires and wheels, well, online.  There are a few benefits to buying tires online.  One of the biggest benefits is the better pricing, and you can get the best tire deals online with coupon codes on top of the normal discounts. began in Santa Fe Springs, CA in 1991.  The company grew to 42 stores throughout the state of California.  They were a local-only tire retailer and installation company split between regions of California, but have since branched out on the internet to supply customers around the nation with affordable tires.

Benefits of Buying Online Tires

Comparison Tire Shopping

When you want to buy tires from a store like Pep Boys, Sears or Walmart you have to go store to store to price out the tires that you want.  That is if you want to find the best deal possible.  With the internet, there are a few websites dedicated to tires only like TireBuyer and Online Tires that you can compare prices at to find the best deal.

Cheap Tires

Because the companies don’t have to worry about storing tires in 100s of retail locations around the country, they can cut costs by storing them in giant warehouses.  The money that they save, they can then use to lower the prices to get you discounted tires.

More Options

If you go into any tire shop in your neighborhood, you’ll be limited to certain brands and certain models of those brands of tires.  When you shop online you can look for any brand and find the exact model of tire that you want or need.  You can then go back to the comparison shopping to find the best tire deals online.

Online Tires Coupon Codes

At the end of your purchase at some online tire retailers, you can find a section that you can input a promo code or a coupon code.  Online Tires has lower prices and special sales on their site.  You can find the current deals by checking out the “promotions” or “specials” links on the bottom of their homepage.