Walmart Tire Coupons

Walmart is obviously a great place to go for savings on almost anything, product or service.  There are a few services that you can get at Walmart stores including automotive (oil change and tire installation), eye exams, photo development and a few more depending on where you live.

You can expect to get a great deal at Walmart because they are always “rolling back prices”.  With these price rollbacks, you’ll often find some of the best tire deals in their stores with or without a coupon.

Walmart Tire and Lube Express

Not every Walmart store has a Walmart Tire and Lube Express built onto there store just like not every Wal-Mart will have a grocery section.  Those of you that have the tire and lube express will know about the cheap oil changes and tire services that they have to offer usually near the back of the store.

Walmart Tire Coupons

Tire coupons for Walmart are a great idea for getting the cheapest tires and tire installation.  You’ll unfortunately find that they do now issue coupons for their tires, so you need to find other tire savings from Walmart.  There are three other ways to get cheaper tires from Walmart.

Walmart Tire Rebates

A manufacturer’s rebate on tires usually doesn’t matter where you actually buy the tires.  All that they care about is that you paid full price for a particular brand and model of their tire during a specified period of time.  Since Walmart usually has the lowest prices on tires already, you can use the rebates with that to get the best prices on your tires plus extra savings with the mail in rebate. Tire Shopping

You can do your Walmart tire shopping online.  They have all of their tires online, and they actually have more of a selection on the website than in stores.  If you purchase your tires online, they will ship them free to your local store where you can also have them installed for about $10 each tire.  The benefit of shopping online with Walmart tires is you can do some comparison shopping to see if there are any other websites or tire companies with better deals available.

Walmart Tire Sales

Instead of issuing coupons, Walmart will just have sales. The benefit of doing this is customers that either forgot to print a coupon or never even thought to get them will get a deal.  You just have to show up and see the advertised specials or plan your shopping based on the sales that they show online.