Tire Deals, Discounts, Rebates and Coupons

Of all the preventative maintenance on our cars, new tires are often the most expensive parts of the process.  Oil changes cost about $30 a pop, new brakes are under $100 and regular tune-ups range around $100.  When we need a new set of tires though, we are looking to spend at least $200, and that is for the bottom of the line tires and usually without installation charges.

Saving money on tires is important in today’s economic climate.  Almost everybody is trying to save money one way or another, and the need of new tires usually creeps up on us.  Most of us don’t budget away money every week for new tires since it isn’t something that you really expect anytime soon.  This means that we often have to pull a few hundred dollars from our savings accounts or have to put down our credit cards to pay for the tires, leading to a long period of payments we don’t want or need.

Tire Discount

There are plenty of ways to save money on your tire purchases.  You can buy tires online to save money with comparison shopping, clip some tire coupons, mail in a rebate, use credit card rewards or find a limited time sale.

Buy Tires Online


It is now possible to buy tires easily online.  A lot of people have learned over the years that you can get pretty much anything you want cheaper online than in stores if you look hard enough.

Some people will shy away from buying tires online though.  They are scared about the shipping charges and installation issues.  There are sites like TireBuyer that have FREE shipping, and you can go to a store like Sears or Walmart to get a cheap tire installation after they get delivered to your home.

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Tire Coupons

This is the age old way to save money on pretty much anything.  You might consider this old fashioned, but it works.  You don’t even have to “clip coupons” anymore.  With the help of the internet, you can find coupons for tires online easily on sites like this one and on tire retailer websites.  The coupons are usually good for month long deals that will save you a certain amount off of the price of a particular brand in a given month.

Tire Rebates

These are deals that you usually get straight from the manufacturer.  Smart tire installation companies will post these deals on their websites or have them in plain sight in their shops.  Tire rebates usually get you the best deals on tires.  The only problem with these deals is you have to pay for the tires in full, and then wait weeks for a check to come from the manufacturer.  All major brands like Goodyear, Bridgestone, Firestone, Hancook and Pirelli have tire rebates available.

Credit Card Rewards for Tires

Lots of tire installation companies have a special company credit card.  You can use these credit cards for regular purchases that have nothing to do with tires or your car, but they will accumulate points that you can use for a new set of tires.

There are also special rewards that you can get when you return for tires with the credit card.  Say you have a Goodyear credit card and you are buying their tires from their certified installers.  There are special rebates available only to credit card holders that will often get twice as much back than those without the card.  Goodyear and Firestone both have their own credit card services like this.

Used Tires for Sale

Sometimes this is the best option to get the cheapest tires possible.  You won’t get perfect tires, but you’ll save a heck of a lot of money buying used tires instead of brand new ones. The best way to find used tires from a respectable mechanic would be to ask around for a recommendation or use Yelp for reviews.

Yelp reviewers will often leave reviews telling you about the quality of the used tires and about how much they cost.  They will also sometimes notify you about special discounts that you can qualify for.  Do everybody else a favor if you do this, and leave your own review after you get your used tires.