Best Tire Deals

You will want to look around places like eTire Deals for the best prices on tires.  The best tire deals are a lot easier to come by than you might imagine.  There are a plethora of options that you can use to get discounts and rebates to save you the most money on quality tires.

We have the resources to get you the best tire deals both online and offline.  If you buy tires online, there are a few other rules that you would have to follow in order to get the best deals possible without getting ripped off somewhere along the line.

Installation Deals

When you find your discounted price that you think is the best pricing that you will find, make sure you check out the installation discounts.  Does your tire purchase include the price of the installation like NTB and Merchant’s Auto do? Or, is there some hidden fees for the tires, which you’ll find way too often.

Coupons for Tires

This is going to usually be for the actual installation of the tires.  However, some companies like Kauffman and Sears will have special tire coupons that can save you instantly on tires.  The deals are decent, but not the highest savings that you will get.

Mail in Rebates for Tires

This is where you’ll find the most savings on most brands.  There are always mail in rebates available for the popular name brands like Goodyear tires and Bridgestone brands.

Best Tire Deals

The best deals you can find require a little work.  You will have to do a little combinations of tire coupons and tire rebates.  You can look through our director of tire rebates first.  Then when you have decided what tires you want, look for a local tire installation company that sells that particular tire, who also has a coupon available!  You can often combine both the rebate and coupons for tires to get an amazing discount that you normally wouldn’t be able to find advertised elsewhere.