Car Tire Deals

Car tires are expensive!  If you need to replace all 4 of your tires, your bill is going to be well over $300 if you don’t know how to find the best car tire deals.

There are a few places we can go for discount tires to save you the most money.  There should really never be a reason that you pay full price for your car tires since there are so many money saving options.

The first thing you should do is see how many tires you need.  If you think you need all 4 tires, bring your car to a trusted mechanic to ask them their opinion.  Sometimes you can still put a lot more miles on your tires than you originally had though.

Best Tire Deals

Tire Coupons

People use coupons at the grocery store ever single day.  Why wouldn’t you think to use them to get a discount on your car tire.  Deals with coupons will usually be the second biggest savings you will see.  Your printable coupons will often get you a deal on multiple tire sets.  Most companies won’t offer these discounts on just one tire.

Tire Rebates

Mail in rebates are the biggest money saving options for tires in most cases.  You can often get back up to 50% of the price of the tires.  The benefit is the great amount of money you will save.  The drawback though, is you will often have to wait somewhere around 6-8 weeks for the tire company to issue you your tire rebate.

Online Tire Shopping

There are a lot of websites that have tires for sale.  Many of these sites specialize in just tires while others are bigger companies like Walmart or Sears that have a wide selection of other products.  The sites that specialize in tires (ex. TireBuyer and Discount Tires) will usually have the best prices and a much bigger selection.  These sites will also often have different tire coupons and rebates that you can add on to your already lower prices on the tires.