Kauffman Tire Coupons

Kauffman Tire Company has locations in three different states, but also has a fully stocked website full of tires for sale at competitive prices.  Any tires purchased on the website can be sent to a Kauffman location and installed on your car quickly and for free.

Kauffman has locations in and around Atlanta, Florida and Ohio.  You can find all of the Kauffman locations by clicking here.  Tires can be purchased either online or in their stores.

Discount Tires Online

Instead of printing tire coupons for Kauffman, you can get quicker savings by shopping online.  Some of the tires on their website have instant discounts applied to them, which is a much more convenient way to shop for tires.

Another way to get some real savings with this company is to look at the outlet section of the Kauffman website.  The outlet has closeout and overstock tire and rim discounts.

Kauffman Tire Coupoons

There are also Kauffman tire coupons available online and off.  To get the discounts offline, you can look through your local newspaper or other sales papers for clippable coupons.  Besides that there are coupons like the ones below.

kauffman tire coupon 2013$100 Off

Set of 4 major brand tires and an alighment

The coupon to the right technically expires on March 11, 2013.  The reason that I say technically is because if you click on it, you’ll be brought to the most current coupon.  The new coupons are almost always for $100 off of a set of 4 tires and an alingment, but the only part that changes is the brand of tires being offered with the coupon.  The February and March deal is for Toyo and Copper tires. Next month it could be Bridgestone or Goodyear or Pirelli.  Click the coupon to find out what deal is going on right now.