Kramer Tire Coupons

Kramer Tire Company has recently merged with the Tread Quarters, combining the skills and know-how of two great tire companies.  Usually when a combination of shops like this happens, you can expect prices to get lower, jobs becoming better and much more discounts and coupons to spread the news.

Tread Quarters is also a part of the Mr. Tire and Autotire stores.  The combination of all of these stores and tire installation shops creates the largest comany-owned and operated automobile service chain in the US.  There are over 800 locations that you can find throughout the country.  Between Tread Quarters (with Kramer Tire), Mr. Tire and Autotire you have the fourth largest independent tire dealer in the nation.

Kramer Tire Location

There used to be a Kramer Tire location in Norfolk, VA.   The exact address was 1369 Azalea Garden Road Norfolk, VA 23502.  Today, you would find the Tread Quarters sign up instead of Kramer Tire.  This is not a bad thing.  It means that the location now has access to cheaper tires and a lot more service background from the larger corporation which bought it.

Kramer Tire Coupon

Since it is no longer Kramer Tire, you will get tire coupons from Tread Quarters instead.  There are always deals being run nationally that you can pull from that will work at the old Kramer Tire location.

Other Automotive Services

Beyond just tires, there are other services that you can find at this mechanic.  They provide all scheduled maintenance, tire installation and repairs for cars, trucks, SUVs and vans.

Mr. Tire Coupon Match

Since this Kramer Tire location is now under the ownership of the Mr. Tire company, it has some extra perks.  One great advantage would be the competitor price matching.  You can bring in a competitor’s ad, coupon or written estimate to any of the Mr. Tire, Tread Quarters or Autotire locations and they will beat the price.  You can even get the better price 30 days after the original sale!