Merchant Tire Coupons

We can find Merchant Tire coupons for most of the tire brands that they carry along with other coupons for services they perform.  Merchant Tire oil change coupons are available pretty much every month along with the tire coupons.

Merchant Tire and Auto Center is one of the best tire and auto service companies because of their convenience.  They are under the umbrella of the TBC Retail Group which also owns and operated Tire Kingdom and National Tire and Battery (NTB).  These three companies all have basically the same offerings, but kept their brand names for the sake of keeping customers happy in the regions that the stores are.

Merchant Oil Change Coupon

Merchants has oil change discounts available on their website.  They are different than most oil change companies since they actually advertise the full price of an oil change on their site.  Most companies will hide this information for one reason or another.

With the full disclosure of prices, you don’t have to worry about any surprises that might pop up when you get to the mechanic.  Another great thing about the website is you can schedule and pay for your oil change online.

Merchant Tire Coupons

Along with their oil change coupons, there are numerous coupons for tires on the site.  So much of their competition will only allow you to use tire rebates or specify which brand of tires the coupons will work for.  When you go to Merchant, you can usually get the tire coupon which will work for any and every tire.

Merchant Tire Prices

Something that I respect about Merchant Tires, Tire Kingdom and NTB is the fact that they don’t hide fees in their sales ads.  They put the final price out front for you rather than nickel and dime you at the shop.


Merchant’s has “all-inclusive” pricing available.  What this means is the price that they quote you will be the price of the actual tires plus the cost of:

  • Tire Mounting
  • Tire Balancing
  • Valve Stems
  • Shop Fees
  • Lifetime Rotations*
  • Flat Tire Repair*
  • TPMS Reset

If you are planning on shopping online for tires, the price you see in your cart will be the price that you are getting your tires and all of the above services for.  Sometimes the best mechanics are basically the mechanics that you can trust!