Oil Change Coupons

Oil changes are a necessity along with tires.  Tires will last a couple of years with normal driving, but oil changes will be needed every few thousand miles.  Typically, most people will change their oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles, but that is unnecessary for newer cars.

Oil change prices can add up quickly if you don’t shop around for the best deal.  Even when you think you find a good deal, there is a lot of small print that you might have missed that bring the price up a lot.

How Often Should You Change Your Car’s Oil

If you have an older car, stick with those benchmarks, and look into synthetic oil changes.  If you have a car with under 100,000 miles that is under 15 years old, you can usually stretch it to about 5,000-6,000 miles if you aren’t beating up on your vehicle.

Oil Change Coupon Fine Print

There is some fine print that you should look at before you try and use an oil change coupon. Fine print like those bullet pointed below can make what looks like a $20 oil change balloon into a $50 bill.

  • Shop fees – Some mechanics will charge shop fees on top of your advertised oil change price.
  • “Most vehicles” – Usually mechanics are pretty fair with this one, but others might charge you an import fee on a Toyota.  Call ahead to ask about whether or not your car falls under the “most vehicles” category.
  • Expiration date – This sounds pretty obvious, but a lot of people don’t actually look at the expiration date on the coupon
  • Conventional, synthetic and high mileage – Make sure you are looking at a coupon for the oil type that you want for your vehicle.  Conventional aka standard oil changes are much cheaper oil changes than synthetic and high mileage
  • Oil filter – Make sure the oil filter isn’t a seperate charge in your discount.  These should be standard parts of every single oil change and are inexpensive.  A mechanic might try to charge you more than the actual filter costs so that they can make more money.

Sears Oil Change Coupons

Sears is one of my favorite places to go for my car’s maintenance services.  They keep records of all the times you bring your car in, provide great work and usually have a great discount sale.  Never go there without a coupon.  A conventional oil change for most vehicles is $29.99 but the coupons will usually save you $10.

Walmart Oil Change Coupon

Walmart has the lowest prices on most products in there store.  That low price doesn’t transfer over to oil changes.  In most areas, you’ll find out that Walmart charges more than most competitors for an oil change.  Look all you want, but there are no coupons for an oil change at Walmart available online.  The only way to find one is to check your local Walmart advertisements to find a coupon you can cut out.

Printable Oil Change Coupons

Right now this site is dedicated to discount tires and tire coupons.  I will, however, be adding to it soon to include brake discounts and oil change coupons.  In the meantime, you can check out this other oil change site dedicated to saving on oil changes.