Sears Oil Change Coupon

Sears has been one of our favorite places to recommend sending people for quality tires with installation.  They have a strong brand image that they built up by providing the best services with the best tires available.  This focus on quality carries over to their other automotive services like oil changes and tire rotations.

The normal price of a Sears oil change is $29.99.  With that being said, you shouldn’t ever have to pay that full amount (for a conventional oil change at least).  Every month they have an oil change coupon that saves you at least 25% off of the oil change price.  The coupons are always up on their website in the auto service coupon section.

Sears Oil Change

Almost any auto repair or installation shop you go to will provide a similar service when it comes to an oil change.  This means you should get more than just some fresh oil and a filter.  When you go to Sears they will:

  • Drain and replace your motor oil
  • Install a new oil filter
  • Lubricate your chassis (if necessary)
  • Top off your power steering fluids and windshield washer fluid
  • Inflate your tires to the recommended tire PSI
  • Complimentary multi-point inspection that includes visual check of: brakes, brake fluid level, air filer, wiper blades, belts, tires, shocks and struts

What is the Shop Fee?

You’ll notice on your coupon and on the Sears website that there is a $3.50 shop fee included with an oil change.  Most companies have to charge this, but not in California, Illinois, Minnesota or Puerto Rico.  Some shops will waive this automatically, and some you have to ask.  The fee covers things like disposal and recycling for the use motor oil and other environmental taxes and fees.