Tire Rotation Coupons

Lots of people will neglect the tire rotation as one of the regularly scheduled car maintenance options.  You’ll usually just think to get an oil change, install new brakes and get new tires when the time comes.

We usually realize that it is time for a tire rotation and/or a wheel alignment when you bring your car to get an oil change or any repair, then the mechanic tells you that the tires are uneven.  This is something that you can easily look at yourself so you can tell if the auto technician is trying to rip you off or not.

Why Get a Tire Rotation

All of the tires on your car should have a somewhat even wear to them.  The problem though, the tires will wear down differently on each tire.  This is due to front or rear wheel drive putting more emphasis on different tires and also from the way you make certain turns.

What is a Tire Rotation


Basically, your tires are moved from one location to another on your car.  The tires missing the most tread and with the most wear on them will be moved to the position on your car where you won’t wear them down as much.  These are swapped with the newest looking tires on your car that have a lot more tread and can take a bit more abuse.

How Much is a Tire Rotation

Tire rotation prices will vary a little bit depending on where you go.  There are some shops that are dedicated to tire installations like STS Tire or Merchant’s Tire.  These locations are more equipped to handle quick tire rotations and will usually have the best prices for you.  The tire rotation price should be in the vicinity of $20, give or take $5-$10.

Tire Rotation Coupons

Lots of times you can find oil change and tire rotation coupons together.  These are the best deals when you need an oil change since they usually give you a cheap oil change plus a free tire rotation.  The majority of the tire rotation coupons you’ll find will come from companies that specialize in tires, while you might sometimes find the discounts from other quick lube stations or local mechanics.

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